Selling a Dental Practice

Our dental practice transitions experts at Consani Associates have helped clients sell dental practices since 1996. Our brokers and are dedicated to your success and represent the best dental practices for sale in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we often encounter from clients preparing to sell a dental practice.

How does Consani Associates appraise practices?

Getting a dental practice appraisal is the first step in the process once you’ve decided to transition your dental practice. Your practice value impacts the entire dental practice transition process so it is important for your to work with one of our highly experienced brokers to conduct the due diligence. An expert practice appraisal is a detailed review of all aspects of your dental business.

We use a system of four different methods that we weigh and average to determine fair market value of a dental practice. Major factors include (but are not limited to) location, annual collections, treatment, expenses and lease rate.

When Consani Associates lists my dental practice for sale, how will it be marketed?

We will develop a robust marketing plan for your dental practice. In addition to listing your practice on the Consani Associates website, we spend marketing dollars in Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Campaigns to drive traffic for interested buyers.

We have an exclusive relationship with Dental Economics which publishes our listings monthly. We will include your listing in our Consani Associates newsletter to over 1,500 potential purchasers who are registered buyers and actively looking to purchase a practice.

We are also members of the ADS Dental Transitions (alliance of independent dental practice brokers and management consultants) who have nationwide marketing coverage. Your listing will be featured on their website, marketed in their email newsletter and through their paid search efforts.

Will my patients accept a new dentist?

We have experience assisting sellers with introducing their patients to the new dentist coming into the practice. Your patients will accept the new dentist if the introduction and transition are handled in the right way. Your endorsement coupled with your staffs acceptance and enthusiasm will be key.

We will assist you with the right transition strategies to help your patients learn about the changes and remind them they can expect the same level of care as before. This could be in the form of a letter introducing the new dentist with the new doctor’s bio or an email.

Will I have to carry a note in the sale of my practice?

In nearly, all cases, it is possible for the buyer to secure total financing so you will be paid cash at the closing which is ideal. However, in certain circumstances still exist where seller participation in financing is a requirement. In these cases, the buyer’s lender will require the seller to carry a certain portion of the purchase price. Usually, that amount is 10-25% of the total purchase price.
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