DSOs are not for everyone.

Selling to a DSO may help you meet your retirement and financial goals, but it’s not a guarantee.

Qualified Representation is Vital

Don’t meet with a DSO without an experienced broker. We know what we’re doing. Our brokers study regularly with 22 other independent brokers twice a year to stay current on market trends and best practices. These independent brokers average over 30 years of experience in dental practice brokerage. Consani Associates has been helping dentists find the right transition since 1996.

DSOs Don’t Have a Set Program

Each practice acquisition is strategically crafted by the DSO to squeeze the best deal they can from each selling dentist. Consani Associates can help you to get the best deal that meets your lifestyle and retirement timing goals.

DSO Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DSO in dentistry?

A Dental Service Organization (DSO) is an entity that practice owners contract with to provide business management and assist in non-clinical operations.

How many DSOs (Dental Service Organizations) are there in the United States?

There are about 300 DSOs. These DSO dental groups are located in almost every state.

What is the average size of a DSO?

There are currently about 40 large dental DSO companies with over 75 locations each and about 260 mid-market DSOs with 10-74 locations each.

How do I sell to a DSO?

Get good representation by partnering with a veteran dental broker. An experienced dental brokerage firm can help you locate the right DSO with the best terms available at the time you are ready to sell.

Do DSOs offer the best price?

Like everything else in life the answer is “sometimes.” Often DSOs are unable to offer the best deal. Let Consani Associates help you find out.

Do I have to sell to a DSO?

Although many groups will try to convince you that selling to them is your only option, this is rarely the case. The best way to discover your options is to work with a brokerage that can bring several options to the table for you and your family to consider.

Is working for a DSO better than private practice?

Although some DSOs visit schools and imply that private practice is becoming a thing of the past, this is far from true. Practice owners tend to make much more money over their careers than employed dentists. This is not changing. Since most banks won’t lend to a new graduate, a DSO can be a great place to make some good money and to help qualify for financing to purchase your own practice. Do not work and sign a restrictive covenant that will geographically keep you from owning a practice in your favorite place.

The 5 most common mistakes made in selling to a DSO.

Each practice acquisition process is strategically crafted to squeeze the best deal they can get from each selling dentist. Consani Associates can help you get the best deal that meets your lifestyle and retirement timing goals.

How you choose to sell your dental practice is up to you.

At Consani Associates, we strive to make sure we are on top of our game and ready to serve you in whatever decisions you make for your practice transition.

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