Buying a Dental Practice

The road to buying a dental practice can be complicated. The dental brokers at Consani Associates are here to help guide you at every step of the process. We’ll answer your questions and ensure you find the right dental practice to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we often encounter from clients preparing to purchase a dental practice.

How are dental practice purchases financed?

Nearly all our clients who buy a dental practice require financing to complete the purchase. Consani Associates has established relationships with lenders specializing in dental practice purchases. We work closely with these groups to ensure your acquisition goes smoothly and quickly rather than you trying to attain financing from a lender who has not dealt in dental practice purchases in the past. Quick approvals and fast funding mean you can start earning income right away.

Loans are generally only secured by the practice and do not require other collateral or guarantors. Nearly all these loans are conventional and do not require SBA involvement, which adds to the time and expense of borrowing. Consani Associates dental brokers work on your behalf to get the best terms and fastest service possible.

How do I recognize an especially good opportunity for buying a dental practice?

When evaluating a dental practice for sale, it is critical to consider the practice value rather than strictly the practice price. By this, we mean value is the benefit received by the buyer from the purchase of a dental practice. Also, value is your net income. By understanding cash flow as a buyer, you can make better-informed decisions that have your best interest in mind. Consani Associates dental brokers and consultants can help you understand the intricacies of dental practice cash flow to ensure your practice will provide you with a successful living income.

What are the advantages of buying a dental practice rather than building one from scratch.

Buying a dental practice presents several advantages over building. If you start your dental practice from scratch, it will take a good deal of time to build a patient base. With an established dental office, your patient base is already in place. You will not be losing time and money in an effort to build goodwill and earn income.

Another advantage of buying an existing dental practice is the systems and the staff are already in place. This allows you valuable time to focus on patients rather than dedicating endless hours to getting a practice up and running.

When it comes to financing, funding is more accessible when purchasing an existing dental practice. This is because financing sources recognize that the failure rate for dentists buying an existing practice is extremely low.

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