About Us

About Us

Who is Consani Associates

Our dental brokers have worked closely with those looking to buy and sell a dental practice in the Pacific Northwest. Whether your buying a dental practice for the first time, preparing to retire, or partnering with an associate, we are committed to helping you plan and find the right fit.

We provide dental brokerage services in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii. If you are interested in buying a dental office for sale, browse our dental office listings give us a call.

Dental Practice Sales – Valuations – Dental Transition Consultation
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Our Dental Broker Team

Joe Consani Sr.
(866) 348-3800

Joe Consani, Sr. is Professor and Associate Dean Emeritus at the Oregon Health Sciences University , School of Dentistry . He continues to lecture on Practice Planning and Practice Management at OHSU and speaks internationally on the topics of dental education and manpower trends. In 1996 Joe co-founded Consani Associates Limited.

Joe Consani

(866) 348-3810

Joe Consani has over 20 years of experience in sales and management and has been brokering dental practices since 1997. He has significant expertise in the valuation and sale of specialty practices and has facilitated numerous specialty practice sales. Joe is a member of the Practice Valuation Study Club, a national organization that strives to increase its membership’s understanding of dental practice valuation, sales, associateships, and partnerships.
Paul Consani
(866) 348-3811

Paul Consani has been brokering dental practices since co-founding Consani Associates Limited in 1996. In addition to facilitating dental practice sales, Paul speaks nationally on issues related to dental practice sales, associateship, and partnerships. He is a member of the Practice Valuation Study Group, American Dental Sales (Study club and Advertising Co-op), and the Institute of Business Appraisers. Paul is a skilled facilitator who truly understands the forces at play in today’s dental practice market place.
Dr. Jared Franson
(866) 348-3820

Dr. Jared Franson Graduated from OHSU in 2003 and Practiced dentistry in SW Washington where he started a practice and purchased three other offices. He owned and operated these practices for just over a decade and learned many things that now are helpful in transitioning practices. He also is a member of American Dental Sales, a national dental brokerage study club. He was raised in Idaho and Montana and is excited to be helping shape the future of dental practices in these states. He also represents eastern Oregon and Washington. He is very willing to share his experiences and thoughts about different business ideas and enjoys being a part of Consani Associates Limited.
Adam Bratland
(541) 520-5507

Adam is a former multi-location practice co-owner of Crisdental. Adam and his brother, Dr. Michael Bratland, purchased and managed a dozen clinics along the I-5 corridor. Adam served as the operations manager, dentist recruiter, and director of clinic acquisitions. They sold their clinics in November 2018 to the 3rd largest DSO in the U.S. Adam’s new role with Consani Associates is a natural fit.
Dr. Dan Byrne
(206) 992-0580

Experienced in multiple south Puget Sound start-up dental practices as well as several successful transitions, Dr. Daniel Byrne was in private practice 28 years prior to joining Consani Associates Limited.  Dr. Byrne and his family reside locally in the Puget Sound area where he represents Consani Associates Limited in dental practice sales, valuation, and partnerships.